How To Fringe

2019 Fringe Essentials

Choosing the right shows. With up to 53 different ticketed performances and about 10 Random Acts of Fringe to choose from, how do you choose the right ones?

Use the Guide and website! Fringe Guides are distributed the 2nd week of January and the events are listed on our website. Look through the choices and circle the ones that interest you- then see how they fall on the schedule. It is often easiest to catch 2 shows at the same venue on the same night. You can avoid running across town and you get to stay put to see the next show.

Make your own Top 3 Picks! In order to get the full festival experience- you need to see more than one show! Pick 3 and call up your Fringey Friends to go with you. It’s always better with a party!

Go to the Opening Kick Off Party- The Fringe Festival Kick Off Madness, January 20th 5-7pm at Lazy Diamond!  You will meet artists and Fringe Fans and get ideas for which shows to see.

Buy Tickets in Advance! The easiest way is to buy tickets online. Single tickets may be purchased online in advance, or at Fringe Central, during Fringe Week.

Online ticket sales go live, by January 1.

Online ticket sales end 24 hours before the show in question. So if you are buying a ticket online for a 7pm show for January 26- online tickets sales will end at 7 pm on January 25. There may still be tickets left for that show- but you will have to go in person to Fringe Central, or to the venue about an hour before to see if they are available. Fringe Central will be located at the LaZoom Room, 76 Biltmore Ave, January 21-27, from noon – 6pm.  You can call the Fringe Central during these times.

Show up.  Or you can risk it by going to the venue about an hour before show time. Any available tickets will be brought to the venue to be sold at the door for that show.

Fringe Freaks!    If you want to support our non-profit festival and you know you are going to see more than 5 shows- you definitely need to get a Freak Pass. Freak Passes are all access passes to the whole festival. You can purchase these online (supplies limited). Keep in mind, you will need to reserve your seats for the shows you want to see when you purchase your Freak Pass. Freak Passes go on sale from December 15-January 1. Buy a Freak Pass here.  Freak Pass holders can call Fringe Central to reserve seats or email us at Tell us your show dates and times- and we will save seats for our Freak Pass Holders.