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The 2019 Fringe Schedule at a Glance.  Click on the Links below to go to the ticketing pages, starting January 1.


Fringe 2019 Schedule

All dates for Thursday January 24-Sunday January 27
(unless otherwise noted) 

Bebe Theatre
7pm Thursday & Saturday Tyler West- Abeyance
9pmThursday & Saturday Double Feature: Giles Collard &
Kathy Leiner- Echo she said, she said
5pm Friday &
2pm Sunday
Amanda Levesque & Tom Kilby- Ba-Ba-Ba
7pm Friday &
4pm Sunday
Yuhas & Dancers
9pm Friday &
6pm Sunday
Anam Cara- Bread Riot
7pm Thursday & Friday Triple Feature:
Todd Weakly, Stewart/Owen Dance & Walter Beals
9pm Thursday & Friday Double Feature:
Atlanta Dance Collective/Sarah Stokes &

TAPROOT CLT/ Camerin Watson
Sly Grog
5pm Thursday & Saturday Double Feature:
Perspective Collective- For Love of Country  &

PolyMorphous peepshow- Anatomy of a Burlesque
7pm Thursday & Saturday Double Feature:
Alli Marshall- The Oracle of Everything &

Sara Herrera- The View from My Backyard
9pm Thursday & Saturday Double Feature:
Asheville Still LIfe Theatre- Straight Razor &

AIC- Asheville Improv Collective
5pm Friday &
2pm Sunday
Zoey Laird – Potty People
7pm Friday &
4pm Sunday
Trish Parry- Waffle House Daze
9pm Friday &
6pm Sunday
Elaine Orion- Delightfully Rude
The Magnetic Theatre
7pm Thursday & Saturday Cooper Bates- Black when I was a Boy
9pm Thursday & Saturday Judy Calabrese- It Didn’t Happen
7pm Friday &
4pm Sunday
Down with Pants/Corr de Joch- The Static Channel
9pm Friday &
6pm Sunday
Keith Shubert- Rock & Roll Odyssey
Static Age
7pm Thursday & Saturday Kate Moore- Vitali-D
9pm Thursday & Saturday Bremner Duthue- ‘33 (a Kabarett)
7pm Friday &
4pm Sunday
Double Feature: Jenni Cockrell- nothing &
Constance Humphries- The Beautiful Us
9pm Friday &
6pm Sunday
Double Feature: Cafe Negro &
The Grand Maw- Distorted Reflections
Habitat Tavern & Commons
7pm Saturday &
4pm Sunday
Double Feature: Susan Collard &
Carmel Clavin- Marvelous Mechanical Musical Maiden
9pm Saturday &
6pm Sunday
Valerie Meiss- Let’s Go Cry with Strangers
District Wine Bar
7pm Thursday & Friday Double Feature:
Sonic Parlour- The Sculpting of Sound  &

Okapi- Anecdotal Confrontations with Reality
Downtown Books & News
5pm Thursday & Friday Invisible Theatre- Furrow
LaZoom Bus
7pm Friday, Saturday &
4pm Sunday
LaZoom Bus Fringe Tour featuring:
Tom Hughes
Caroline Williford & Christine Josephine
Jason A. Phillips
Sharon Cooper
Emily Thomas
Leaflin and Justin (Pagans and Androids)
Opal Lechmanski