How to Get Tickets

General tickets for the 2019 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival will open January 1!  Freak Passes will be available December 15-January 1. Read below on how to get tickets for the 2019 Fringe Festival.

Super Fringe Fans purchase a Freak Pass that allows the pass holder to attend as many shows as humanly possible. These passes are about $65. Once the pass is purchased on line, the pass holder will need to indicate which shows he or she intends to see. This will allow the Fringe Box Office to make those reservations for the Freak Pass holder and guarantee their spot. If Freak Pass holders do not indicate which shows they intend to see when purchasing the pass, they can call the Fringe Central during Fringe Central Hours to check for availability.  The pass also allows the pass holder to attend the opening and closing parties and all the after parties! Freak Passes for 2019 will go on sale December 15. Buy a Freak Pass here.

The best way to Get Tickets is on line starting in January.  Check out the schedule and click on the show you want tickets for. Each show will have it’s own listing and description. Check out the schedule carefully before purchasing tickets to make sure you are not getting tickets for two shows happening at the same time.

The second best way to Get Tickets is in person during the week of the festival: The Fringe Central will be open January 21-27 (Monday through Sunday) from 12 noon until 6pm at the LaZoom Room on 76 Biltmore Ave. You can visit Fringe Central during these hours. It will sell festival show tickets for all shows at all venues, based on availability.

Last chance to Get Tickets is at the show: If shows are not sold out, tickets will be available at each Venue’s Box Office, starting about 1 hour before show time. You can go to the venue early and purchase your ticket up to one hour before the show begins. Last minute LaZoom hopefuls should check in with the Fringe Central to see about any available tickets. Each venue has limited seating (40-80 seats).

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