The Falling Love

Date(s) - 01/25/2018
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The BeBe Theatre


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It is sad to grow old with someone you do not love.

A man fully dedicated to caring for his wife invalidates that he can only move one arm, the crushing routine mendicating a caress, breaking an invader in the couple, contempt, then see the reality that you grew old with someone you do not love and that maybe he does not love you either, the mask falls, and with your sacrifice you tie your love of your life to your chair, then your spirit decides to abandon you as pathetic and it kills you, that way this beautiful story ends, but if I tell you it’s the story of a man without love who decides to invent a failed love story, to self-suffer, but to feel sorry for him, that in the end his nakedness makes him see the monster he is in reality, claim his mother because I do not teach him love destroys, it’s not that cute thing they talk about, come and see the process of destroying a couple, then a man, see him fall into a cliff of feelings THE FALLING LOVE, an endless fall.

Interpreter and director:

Edwin Salas


Background info:

Show originally produced by Eprodanza and Apoc Apoc dance.

Selected for the 30th anniversary of the Festival del Centro Historico.

Concert with Monica Lopez Lau in Fine Arts in room Manuel M Ponce.

Gala in Taiwan in Buddhist temple the tiger mountain with the group of Jazz Heavy Egg hell dog.

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