LaZoom Fringe Bus Tour

Date(s) - 01/25/2019
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

LaZoom Fringe Bus Tour


A long-time fan favorite of Asheville Fringe, the LaZoom Fringe Bus tour will leave you amazed and delighted, all while traveling through our beautiful city. This performance is the most unique, because passengers will be taken to secret locations around the city and treated to wildly weird pop-up performances.

This year’s featured LaZoom Fringe acts are:


Tom Hughes – Our LaZoom Fringe Emcee

Tom Hughes/ Professor Whizzpop hails from North Wales which is a small country near England.He now lives in Western North Carolina and occasionally works as a full time magician, bon vivant and flea circus ringmaster; a show he started from scratch. Amongst Tom’s limited accomplishments are; the ability to speak Welsh, kayaking down Everest, riding unicycles and negotiating parenthood with moderate success. You’ll frequently find Tom performing at schools and libraries as Professor Whizzpop whose shows are guaranteed to amaze, amuse, confound and bemuse (not necessarily in that order).







Tamer / Opal Lechmanski

Woman vs beast, but hesitantly. Tamer is the animal tamer act from an imaginary circus with tiny ferocious beasts and very real sword swallowing. Genuinely death-defying, silly, and triumphant. Minimal and magical. Opal Lechmanski has performed in weddings and cabarets, abandoned factories and historic theaters, on stages and sidewalks across the US and in the UK.







Trace – Caroline Williford and Christine Josephine

Trace the line of your path through this world … what does that look like? How much do we explore the unbeaten path? Are we creatures of habit more often than not?  If we trace the lines of connection to each other … do the lines repeat just enough, or so much that they dismantle our connection all together? Are our connections to each other lines that bind? Or life lines?







Lists – Jason A. Phillips

Pretend a random person’s top ten lists are just as good if not better than Buzzfeed’s. Help provide a theme and see how fast a list can be generated. Let Jason A. Phillips take you on a journey through the lists in his life, he may even rank family members in order of importance if none of them attend this performance…









Where the Blood Goes – Emily Thomas

This dark, imagery driven performance art piece seeks to humanize the siren. The response to trauma often looks like aggression and revenge, but what could happen if this creature were set free from her bonds and even her identity?










Pagans and Androids – Justin Pilla and Leaflin Winecoff

A Glitch-Minstrel connects himself to his Cybernetic-Muse. The nine-foot tall automaton animates the feral musician with cables & coils serving as her puppet-strings.

Her poly-sonic powers allow him a freedom of expression, even amidst his thralldom to her circuitry. Yet, who is animating whom? To what ends?

Pagans & Androids explores the relationship between spirit & technology through live modular music, movement, costumery & theatrix.









Sharon Cooper

“Hands Up” is a solo dance/movement piece inspired by the increasing occurrence of police brutality and killings in our society. The piece explores how “living while black” has become a crime as well as the fear, anger, pain, confusion, fight to survive, violence and hopelessness experienced by the victim. Hands Up also addresses how these incidents of police brutality keep happening day after day no matter what the victim does or does not do.




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