LaZoom Bus Fringe Tour

Date(s) - 01/27/2017
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

LaZoom Bus Fringe Tour


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Krampus Walks into a Bar
Krampus, the Christmas Devil, the punisher of children who just wants to drink his schnapps in peace. It is the last hour of Krampusnacht. The beatings are done for the year and it’s time for the annual trip to his favorite bar, with his least favorite house band, and a bartender who always has an ear for a weary demon.

Beginning to end, or, why inspiration is not enough
by Claire Dima and Sera Sehara of Found World Bellydance
A movement piece about the impact of personality and the development of dance.  This performance has the dancers representing the “inspiration” and the “realization” of the piece, with one dancer executing the rough moves and the other dancer the polished and edited composition, weaving together the raw material with the finished and edited piece.

Girl and Star is a conversation between a young woman and the dead star she is wishing upon. They discuss love, life and death in a snappy beat. A short play written by Kevin Patterson and performed by Anna Royal and Kevin Patterson.





Caroline Williford
bibliophilia is a place, where books come to life, and an uncensored passion for books plays out amongst the players.  Speaking with books, dancing with books, reveling in books, embodying books.  For a time, come peek into the curious corners of a deliciously book laden world.
Caroline Williford is a choreographer, dancer, multi-media artist and shepherdess, seeking the visceral and profound in the utmost ordinary and the luminously fictitious.

The All-In-One Tap Dancing Bellydancing Hula Hooping Juggling Contortion Burlesque Clown Stand Up Comedy Act by Rigel Pawlak.
A four minute clown act featuring juggling, hooping, bellydance, tap dance, contortion, and burlesque  followed by a hard hitting, lightning fast, six minute stand up set.

Shadow House, a trace of remembrance
Solo installation/performance work by choreographer Kathleen Meyers Leiner
verb: find or discover by investigation.
noun: a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something
This work immerses the audience into the question of  perception as it traces the traces of the past and explores the shadows of what is left behind in space and time.

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