Free Fringe

Each year the festival hosts Free Fringe activities around town called Random Acts of Fringe. From Butoh Parades to impromptu mobile installations to dance performances in Pritchard Park… you never know what to expect.  All Random Acts of Fringe are totally FREE!  So come and enjoy some Fringe on us.

Our 2019 Random Acts of Fringe include:

The Fringe Festival Kick Off Madness, January 20th 5-7 pm
Lazy Diamond

This kick off to the Fringe Week will include Peacock Party!
Peacock Party seduces with their Dark Cabaret love songs and makes music into performance art.  Louly Peacock’s original songs weave tales of love, loss, and redemption. Caressingly beautiful and  soothingly lambent, they offer glimpses into the agonizing and exciting world of a modern southern siren whose vocals pull you in to the deep. Peacock Party group includes dancers and painters and invites audience participation.

6pm, Tuesday, January 22 at the LaZoom Room, AKA Fringe Central-          [S]hell by Luce Romaldini

Entering into the self only to discover what is the exact opposite of what has always seemed to exist on the surface. Experience the shock of deep realization as the reality of authentic individuality is uncovered in a totally new mixed media movement based performance illustrating the intense journey of finding the hidden self. Emerging from the depths of inner being, one emerges to share things previously unseen before by audience.

7pm, Wednesday,  January 23  Escaping Altamont film screening at Fringe Artist Roundtable Discussion at Revolve Gallery.

Performed at the 2018 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, Escaping Altamont departs from Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel. In the autobiography, Wolfe refers to Asheville as Altamont as he recounts his escape from childhood. Visualizing the idea of escape, thirty-seven people—the number of years Wolfe lived—break through a wall of paper. The soundtrack of ripping paper among songs with “escape” in the lyrics makes context to the visual and experiential.

The Fringe Artist Roundtable Discussion will include Robert Ladislass Derr, Jim Julien, Carmel Clavin, Kate Moore and Keith Shubert.  Artists will share experiences performing at various Fringe festivals around the world. Artists are highly encouraged to attend.  All audiences and Fringe Fans are welcome.

3pm, Thursday, January 24 and 4pm, Saturday, January 26
at ZaPow Gallery

Twisted From Constantly Watching Doves by Zach Fuller and Emily Smith

New dance/butoh by New York based dancer/choreographers Zack Fuller and Emily Smith, two amorphous and shape shifting entities on a cryptic journey through glimpses of fractured fairy tales and twisted memories. Alternately tender and violent, grotesque and beautiful, with elements of punk and European Clown, in collaboration with the sonic complexities of multi-dimensional percussionist Michael Evans.

Thursday, January 24 at LaZoom Room
Professor Whizzpop’s Fantastic Fleas by Tom Hughes

Welcome to the Circus Minimus! The Smallest Show on Earth! The original Circus in a Suitcase!

Professor Whizzpop’s Fantastic Fleas is an amazing new show featuring mighty mites and fabulous fleas performing feats of daring and death defying stunts. Meet our resident strongman; Hercu-flea and watch as he lifts two hundred times his own bodyweight! Be awe inspired by our juggling fleas or the incredible Rosa Flea; our highdiver! Come see the fantastic fleas… it’s the show you’ve been itching to see!

After Parties All Parties start at 10 pm.  Join us after the shows end at a Fringe After Party for even more Free Fringe performances.

Thursday, January 24 at Sly Grog Lounge.  The Kavalactones! Featuring Caleb Beisert and Aaron Price. In the spirit of John Cage and the ideas of Black Mountain College, this piece takes a chance on the random sounds accompanied by the electric drip noise band the Kavalactones, employing analog tones, odd time signatures, and intricate sequences in styles ranging from atmospheric minimalism to amplified space rock. One can’t say for sure what will happen when you put five serious musicians on stage with random sounds, but one thing is for sure–it’s going to get weird!

Friday, January 25 at Mothlight.   Dylan Gilbert, Fawning Gash

Celebrated North Carolina songwriter Dylan Gilbert blends noise rock, crooner-pop and performance art in a brand new work about finding optimism and tenderness in these fearful, tech obsessed, nostalgia-loving times.

Dylan Gilbert is a songwriter and artist living in Charlotte, NC. He has been performing and producing work in the southeast since 2005 and is a founding member of genre-bending punk band Hectorina. His newest solo material sets out to explore spiritually and humility in the modern age through the use of ambient soundscapes, noise pop and performance art.

Saturday, January 26 at Habitat Tavern & Commons.   Sonorous Threshold – Rob Falvo, Harold McKinney, Cindy Tate, & Carlyn Waller-Wicks

Witness a series of momentary improvisations performed by trombone, clarinet, accordion, piano, percussion, and movement. Creative impulse builds tension and release, inviting expression and inspiration in-the-moment.  We listen and respond and blend together to create something new. The audience participates by bringing energy and presence as the group crosses the threshold with sound and movement into a place where neither the performers nor audience have or will ever go again.


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