Free Fringe

Each year the festival hosts Free Fringe activities around town called Random Acts of Fringe. From Butoh Parades to impromptu mobile installations to dance performances in Pritchard Park… you never know what to expect.

Our 2018 Random Acts of Fringe include:

The Fringe Festival Kick Off Madness, January 20th 5-8 pm
Sly Grog Lounge

This kick off to the Fringe Week will include a film screening by Amy Hamilton/ Pipissewa Movement entitled: Attempt to move a building 2018.  We will have an Audio Diorama by Mystery Meat, and Michael Anderson on piano. Expect the unexpected as Fringe Festival artists may pop-up and do short performances, as well.

Escaping Altamont by Robert Ladislas Derr, Thursday, January 25 from 1-4 pm.
The Refinery at Asheville Area Arts Council. 
Escaping Altamont
departs from Thomas Clayton Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel; Wolfe’s autobiography of his desire to escape Asheville⎯referred to as Altamont⎯in search of his destiny. Visualizing the idea of escape, thirty-seven people⎯the number of years that Wolfe lived⎯break through a wall of paper, captured by video with a soundtrack of escape lyrics. Visual, aural, and experiential, Escaping Altamont creates an address to the universal urge to escape familiarity. Come and be a part of the experience and break through the wall.

unhinged acceptance: strange daughters sightings, by Jenni Cockrell.  January 25-28. Times and Location TBA.
Identity, connection, desire, hope, feminine archetypes and power. Jenni Cockrell of strange daughters butoh explores these themes in four new, quirky, raw and darkly humorous solo dances over the course of the festival weekend. Each performance will be at a different time and unique location which will be announced daily through social media and email.  Check the Asheville Fringe Facebook page each day for the current day’s location and time.


Hangry, by McKinley Hughes, Friday and Saturday, January 26 & 27 at 3 pm.
at Realta Salon. 
Donald Trump. Chocolate cake. Ukuleles. Hangry is a hilariously awkward and equally heartbreaking exploration of the ways in which women are taught to shrink.

DioramaDingDong, Organized by Sheila Thibodeaux, January 25-28
ZaPow Gallery

Diorama Ding Dong is a chance collaborative art piece. 20+ artists were given the simple instruction to each create a diorama using whatever methods and materials they desired.
Much like a child’s school project some will inform, some amuse and some challenge.
Though created to be separate and random, together the natural tendency of the pieces is to join harmoniously creating a bigger story that is yours to derive. Some diorama’s will be interactive so look for signs as you explore. We invite you to share in the experience.

Audio Diorama by Mystery Meat, January 20-28.
Sly Grog Lounge, Mothlight, ZaPow Gallery.

Audio Diorama is a womb-like, sound insulated diorama which provides an immersive and personal listening experience for your head, distinct from the environment where it is installed. Come visit and stick your head in our box.  

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