LaZoom Fringe Tour

Date(s) - 01/22/2016
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

LaZoom Bus Fringe Tour


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Experience all the Fringe weirdness with your EmCee Keith Shubert as your guide as you travel through a journey of the Weird and Wonderful.

Join your friend Toybox on an unexpected journey through inexplicable landscapes and incredible  soundscapes on The Asheville Fringe LaZoom Tour! Get ready for a grand adventure with Toybox and some of his creations as you  travel around the hidden mysteries of the Asheville Fringe Art scene! A cavalcade of creativity! All for one low price!

Meet Your EmCee: Keith Shubert

Keith Shubert is a multiple award winning performance artist of 15 years experience and the founder of Toybox Theatre, a traveling puppet company. Among his accolades are:  Best Performance and Fan Favorite at the 2013 National Puppetry Festival, The Jim Henson Foundation Grant, and an UNIMA Citation for Excellence In The Art of Puppetry, the highest award given for the art form.

Featured Artists: (not in any order)

aperture: Caroline Willifordaperture.CWilliford

Opening, illuminating, connecting, union.  Web, weaving.  Wheel, turning.  Shadow, shifting.  Closing.  Opening. . . A circulatory story.  Many stories within a story.  A cartographer’s attempt at mapping out the heart.

Caroline Williford is a choreographer, dancer, multi-media artist and shepherdess, seeking the visceral and profound in the utmost ordinary and the luminously fictitious.



emersion is a walk-through performance art installation and immersive theater experience. People who wish to attend should be prepared for physical challenges including crouching low or crawling, flickering lights and almost total darkness, standing in a crowded room, and being touched by performers. This is the premier of a series of performances in the same vein.
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produced by Grayson Morris  
featuring talented friends
Polly Panic

PollyPanicRising like smoke over the Appalachians, Polly Panic is creeping through the southeast with her uniquely theatrical chamber rock.

Brainchild of tourist cellist Jenette Mackie, Polly Panic has played over 100 cities in support of her studio albums, forever riding the limitless gradations between joy and despair.
A runaway freight train conducted by the sweet southern voice of an angel, catch her new LP from Gold Ship Records, coming 2016.
Response by Claire DimaClaire-Dima2
Intended to explore the artists response to audience stimuli. What do you pull, when do you let go?  An interactive piece between the artist and the audience in close quarters.

Tickets will be available January 1. Check the website for the link to purchase.

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